I’ve shared some additional answers to questions posted by students in the ProTechT digital citizenship project, but this time I’ve done so using VoiceThread so others can chime in and add additional thoughts. Please feel free to contribute to these discussions by adding your own ideas to these VoiceThreads!

What do you do if someone sends you a lot of junk email? (VoiceThread slide 1)
What should i do if someone i don’t know sends me an e-mail? (VoiceThread slide 2)

Do you think the internet will ever be safe? (VoiceThread – see slide #1)
Why do you think cyberbullying has increased and what can we do about it? (VoiceThread – see slides #2 and #3)

In my answer to question 2 above, I referenced the YouTube video “Hero in the Hallway.”

What prompted your participation in this wiki? Why do you feel so strongly about digital citizenship? Restated: Why is digital citizenship an important topic for learners today? (VoiceThread)

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  1. […] just adored this video I found via Moving at the Speed of Creativity. There is obviously a powerful conversation about bullying and the healing power of kind words […]

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