I just wrapped up my second workshop at NCCE in Seattle, titled “Cell Phones for Learning.” Participants learned how to use Gabcast to record audio interviews “in the field” as well as Flickr upload by email to share digital photos. We took the photos (from Flickr) and web-posted mp3 files (from a new Gabcast channel we created) and pulled those media pieces into a short VoiceThread digital story.

This was great fun and I think a good learning experience for all workshop participants.

We also used cell phones as mobile recorders to add a new comment to the VoiceThread about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. which I started with students and teachers in Salina, Kansas, last month.

Liz Kolb posted yesterday about this functionality of VoiceThread on her blog, “From Toy To Tool: Cell Phones in Schools.”

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3 Responses to Mobile Phone Media Collection and VoiceThread

  1. mrsdurff says:

    I know how to do Voicethread. I know how to do Gabcast. But how does one pull the Gabcast into the Voicethread and why? For PreK-12 anyway, it seems to make more sense to hook up a microphone for the Voicethread. That way the pic is in front of them while they talk.

  2. Wes, You are very high on VT so I thought you should hear about a recent mishap I experienced when recoding audio with my kindergarten reading group. I am relatively new to VT and this would only be my second project. There were about seven images in all, a short VT. I have the pro version and had checked Public and Comment Moderation when I saved the uploaded images. I waited several days until I could work the recording session in with my language arts lesson. It’s important that everyone be very clear about the way comment moderation functions in VT so history does not repeat itself. I thought comment moderation meant the same thing as blog comment moderation. I thought I would get an email alerting me to a new comment. I thought wrong! I didn’t realize that the yellow speech bubble meant new message (didn’t even notice it) nor did I know that if clicked it would lead me to the message in question. Instead, after our recording session I let the last two images in the slide show play through without thinking until my 5 kids and I were temporarily frozen in disbelief when we heard a young boy (possibly 4-5th) grade utter an ugly mean comment. It was chilling. Don’t be like me! Read the directions and listen to the tutorials and avoid this kind of anguish!

  3. Andy Boatman says:

    as an aside. In Seattle on Queen Ann Hill there is a coffee shop. El Diablo. It is perhaps the best coffee I have had the Cubano.

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