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1st OLPC blogged post

I am sitting at Palamino Cafe  in downtown Seattle, visiting with Mark Ahlness, Glenn Malone, and Ken Pendergrass. Mark brought his 3 OLPCs from his classroom, and Glenn brought his… my wife and Glenn’s are checking email and playing with various included programs… I am finding the keyboard too small for normal “home row” keyboarding.  This is a ‘kid’ laptop for sure– but HOW POWERFUL! What fun! Only at an edtech conference…..

I need to post LOTS of Flickr pics from his week, but for now will just share the following one of Glenn and I. This is my first blog post shared from an OLPC!






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  1. Joselyn Todd Avatar

    Wes, Sent you a question on the contact form of your personal website. Thank you- Joselyn Todd