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Podcast237: Unleashing the Transformational Power of One-to-One Computing in K-12 (COSN Panel)

This podcast is a recording of a session at the COSN 2008 conference in Washington D.C. on March 10, 2008, titled “Unleashing the Transformational Power of One-to-One Computing in K-12.” Members of the panel included the moderator: Leslie Wilson, President, One-to-One Institute; Chris Lehman, Principal, Science Leadership Academy, School District of Philadelphia; Dr. Rae Niles, former Director of Curriculum and Technology, Sedgwick Public Schools, USD 439, KS (Rae now works for Apple Computer); and Elaine Wrenn, Technology Coordinator, Echo Horizon School, CA. The official program description of this session was: The number of one-to-one computing initiatives around the nation continues to grow, and best practices keep improving and evolving. This panel session will explore research-based best practices for beginning and sustaining a one-to-one laptop computer initiative. Panelists will discuss successes, challenges and rewards of teaching and learning in a one-to-one laptop learning environment. Attendees will also hear specific examples of how teachers’ and students’ use of laptops and inquiry-based learning evolved, the impact of one-to-one initiatives on digital—as well as traditional and literacy—skills, how to sustain and build on the progress and lessons learned about leadership.

Show Notes:

  1. CoSN: The Consortium for School Networking
  2. The Partnership for 21st Century Skills

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5 responses to “Podcast237: Unleashing the Transformational Power of One-to-One Computing in K-12 (COSN Panel)”

  1. Kent Chesnut Avatar

    Great podcast with great information. Alexander did a great job recording it. One question came to my mind… How does Alexander deal with hearing about these great programs and then coming back to his Oklahoma school which probably has none of this?

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