Two metaphors describe my professional work environment of late: fast moving cheese and a rollercoaster:

fast moving cheese


If you are unsure about my allusion to cheese, I’m referring to Spencer Johnson’s book about adapting to change, “Who Moved My Cheese?”

I probably should be keeping a list of all the things I cannot blog about, so I will be able to recall and write about them later in life when I am less constrained in my prudent expressive possibilities.

For now I will merely observe that the world of business can be extremely dynamic. This can be exciting, but also disconcerting. Lately I have felt like I’m wearing a sign on my forehead which reads, “Please move my cheese today.”

Things are changing quickly.

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2 Responses to Moving cheese and rollercoasters

  1. Karen Montgomery says:

    The worst part about both is the way they make your stomach feel! If I can’t find my cheese after it’s moved, I get that hungry feeling in my stomach and at the bottom of every hill I get that sick in the pit of my stomach feeling!

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