Moving at the Speed of Creativity by Wesley Fryer

Kids making the case for classroom blogging

Thanks to Lee Anne of The Eighth Floor in Tulsa, Oklahoma for drawing my attention today to the marvelous TeacherTube video “6 & 7 Year Olds and BLOGS” (from Nelson Central School in New Zealand) via her post, “What About Blogs?”

My favorite responses from the students to the question “Why do you like having a class blog?” were:

We enjoy showing other people what we have learned.

My parents can look at what we have been doing in class.

You can write on it and you might become famous.

Thanks to Rachel Boyd for posting and sharing this video!

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3 responses to “Kids making the case for classroom blogging”

  1. Jim Klein Avatar

    Hey Wes, for more great examples of elementary-aged kids blogging and podcasting on a district-wide scale (and beyond), check out (this is not an ad. It’s a non-commercial, school district site.)

    For a talk on our experiences with using social networking tools in a K12 environment, a copy of a conference session I did at CUE, CoSN, and TechEd can be found here:

  2. Rachel Boyd Avatar

    Glad you liked the video, they are soooo cute aren’t they. That was my marvelous class from last year 🙂