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Diigo difficulties

I’m continuing to use Diigo to save and tag my Internet website finds, and have Diigo cross-post my entries to, but there are two specific things I haven’t been able to do with Diigo which are frustrating. Perhaps others can provide some help with these situations.

My first difficulty involves saving the URL to an online PDF file directly. I have the Diigo toolbar installed in both Flock and Firefox, but neither of these browsers (on the Mac side) will open a PDF file directly. Instead, they utilize helper applications to view PDFs. With, I can click the “post” link and then manually enter the URL for a PDF file, and save it to my social bookmarks that way. I don’t see a similar option in Diigo, and I can’t use the Diigo toolbar in my PDF helper application (Preview.) The article I’m trying to save today is “Blended Learning: The Convergence of Online and Face-to-Face Education” from NACOL. Help! Any ideas or suggestions?

My second difficulty involves wanting to use Diigo on my iPhone like I’ve used Is this possible? I used the browser-neutral “post to” link previously on my iPhone and that worked great, but I don’t know of a link that will work like this on my iPhone.

If you have suggestions or workarounds for either of these situations, I’d love to hear your ideas! 🙂

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4 responses to “Diigo difficulties”

  1. Pat Sine Avatar

    I’m using Firefox on a Mac and have the Diigo toolbar installed. When I right click on the link to the PDF, I get a choice of “Bookmark this link to Diigo” Clicking that brings up the regular Diigo interface.

    I don’t think I added anything else, but who knows!

    Alas, no iphone…

  2. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    Pat: That works for PDF links which are on existing webpages, but in this case I have a PDF link that someone sent me via email, and I am directly pasting it into the browser. It prompts me to either download or open in Preview, but I really just want to save it in Diigo. Finding a webpage which has the link and using your method would work, but I’m wanting (if possible) to be able to directly post a PDF link I have on my clipboard to Diigo….. Thanks for pointing out the contextual menu option tho. Until or unless I find another way I think I’ll use your suggested method! 🙂

  3. Maggie Tsai Avatar

    Hi Wesley,

    If a PDF file has an unique URL, then you can open up that file with browser, and bookmark to diigo just as a normal webpage.

    Also, if you have a link, you can use this to directly post a bookmark to your account. We will soon add a new interface for this feature.

    A mobile Diigo is also forthcoming shortly.

    Hope this helps. Any further question, please feel free to join us at our user forum.

    ~ Maggie

  4. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    That link you sent is just what I was looking for, Maggie… Thanks so much for taking the time to reply here… I’ll post my next Diigo question in the forums as you suggest. I’m so glad to hear a mobile version of Diigo is in the works! 🙂