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The Power of a Well-Read Blog and the Adventures of Google Earth Girl

Recently, on two separate occasions, my colleague and friend, Wesley Fryer asked if I would be willing to guest blog on Moving at the Speed of Creativity for the weekend. On both occasions I was planning to be at my cabin at Table Rock Lake. By design I do not have broadband Internet access and use as little technology as possible when I am there. Therefore, I declined, but third time a charm. This time Wes asked if I could take over his blog while he vacationed with his family. I agreed to do this and have agonized since Monday that not one new word has been posted. If you are reading this, it is probably because you are a regular and your RSS reader let you know that the content had been updated. By the way, Wes text messaged me earlier today and he and his family came down to Los Alamos to see a movie because it had snowed where they have been camping at altitude. I was a little envious since at the time he texted it was in the 90’s and very humid in St. Louis.

On Monday when Wes welcomed me as a guest blogger, I knew it before I checked Google Reader because I was getting e-mails alerting me to new twitter followers and requests for membership for Web 2.0 4 Teachers Ning Network. Oh, the pressure. The last time my twitter followers spiked and Web 2.0 4 Teachers had a higher than usual number of membership requests was the weekend after Wes posted his RSS: Ready for Some Stories on April 25 and linked to Ning. That’s the power of a well-read blog. Guess I better contribute to the Ning network and add something worthy of following to twitter tonight, tooJ

And now for the Adventures of Google Earth Girl…

Yesterday, I met with Cindy Lane, a.k.a. Google Earth Girl (GEG), to plan our presentation proposal for the K12 Online Conference. Over coffee at Starbuck’s, we worked out the details of our presentation entitled “Who Needs S.L.E.E.P.?” Assuming our proposal is accepted, and you attend (watch) the conference, you will learn what the acronym means. Otherwise, it will remain the secret of Google Earth Girl and her sidekick (me). We are planning to submit S.L.E.E.P. to the FETC and the METC, too. It does have something to do with a lack of…And now, the adventure begins…GEG found out today that she has been selected to attend the GOOGLE TEACHER ACADEMY on June 25th in Mountain View, California. Cindy will become the first Missouri Google Certified Teacher and will join the elite ranks of only 150 certified teachers in the world. Congratulations to Cindy! You Go, Google Earth Girl!

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3 responses to “The Power of a Well-Read Blog and the Adventures of Google Earth Girl”

  1. Cindy Lane Avatar

    Thank you for your kind words, I’m indeed flattered!
    Throughout my professional career as an Educational Technologist, I have been afforded many opportunities to further my knowledge. In the past, I have been priviledged to become a certified eMINTS, Discovery Education and Intel trainer. Now, since I’ve been selected to attend the Google Teacher Academy, I feel that all of my talents and knowledge will be called upon to understand the depth of all of the various google applications in an educational setting and bring them back to successfuly convey them to my K-12 teachers. My hope is that I can facilitate some higher level learning educational opportunities using all of the Google Applications!
    I guess this is my “15 minutes of fame” and its sooo much fun!

  2. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    Cindy: I am so excited to learn you are going to the Google Teacher Academy! How wonderful! I am looking forward to your preso with Karen and hope you?ll be selected for K12Online08! (Remember to everyone, the submission deadline is June 23rd!) I guess I am cheating on my ?no technology? week. We?re here in Jemez Springs, New Mexico, and are visiting their wonderful public library. I saw an open computer, and had to take a peek and see what Karen had posted! Indeed she is correct, we DID get snowed on yesterday (our camp is at about 7,500?) but today is clear and warm?and we?re off to do some fishing! Thanks Karen, for guest blogging! J

  3. Karen Montgomery Avatar

    It has been fun. A little nerve wracking and intimidating, but fun. Thanks for checking in Wes and Cindy get that Google doc started. I’m losing S.L.E.E.P. over it. My vacation is next week. Just started actually. Be back on June 16.