Thanks to Sarah Trabucchi for bringing Scholastic’s “2008 Kids & Family Reading Report- Reading in the 21st Century: Turning the Page with Technology” to my attention today. (Available as a PDF.) According to Sarah:

… in an age when everyone’s bemoaning the loss of our kids’ minds to the Internet, the reality seems to be just the opposite…in fact the study shows that almost 2/3 of kids are actually extending their reading experience online… The best part? these numbers are generally higher for older kids (especially in the web 2.0 activities)…who we know are reading less than their younger counterparts.

I’ve just uploaded the PDF article to my account so I can listen to it (in its entireity) this afternoon as I drive up to Wichita, Kansas, for the TTT conference Thursday and Friday. I’ll post my own review and reflections on this report soon– This looks like an important publication for educators and parents concerned about literacy and technology use.

child reading in bed

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2 Responses to Online kids are readers!

  1. Sean Valley says:

    Wow. It’s very cool to see statistical data to support what we have believed all along. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wesley thanks for this, very encouraging research. Will be interesting to see if they compare the different types of reading that people do on paper / screen .. (michael)

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