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Download FireFox 3.0!

The FireFox 3.0 web browser is available for FREE public download– get it today and help set a new world record for the most software downloads in a single day! With over 15,000 reported improvements and a new gecko rendering engine, FireFox 3 sounds and feels (so far) like a winner!

Download FireFox and help set a world record!

FireFox 3 is not just cool and safe, it’s also practical and safer than other browser alternatives (most notably IE on Windows.) The malware threat online now (especially for folks still running Windows OS computers) is HUGE and growing. According to Mike Schroepfer, vice president of engineering at Mozilla:

…”It’s an arms race between the good guys and the bad guys. This is not scare tactics or boogie man kind of stuff. “We have seen a huge uptick in malware attacks because they are financially motivated,” he said. “This is billions of dollars a year. There are clear incentives for people to do this because they make money so you need some good guys on your side to block them out.” Included in Firefox 3.0 are malicious software spotters that tell users when they are on a website that has been compromised. A red box will pop up in the middle of the screen warning users of the danger.

For more details, check out today’s BBC’s article “Behind the scenes of Firefox 3.0.”

FireFox 3: All Organic

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3 responses to “Download FireFox 3.0!”

  1. danny Avatar

    i was born in daklak province

  2. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    I’m not sure I understand the context of that comment.

  3. James Sigler Avatar

    I have been running Firefox 3 Beta on Ubuntu Linux for a couple months now. Very smooth and stable, except for one thing. The bookmarks in my bookmarks toolbar don’t show up on the toolbar. However, the Diigo bookmarks toolbar is nice. It has a few other new features, but most of newness is about security. It is far more secure than Internet Explorer. Time to update my laptop’s browser to FF3.