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Guidelines for Non-commercial Recording and Podcasting at Educational Conferences

I have created a 1 page PDF file titled, “Guidelines for Non-commercial Recording and Podcasting at Educational Conferences,” in response to ongoing discussions about session recording and podcasting at NECC 2008.

At the bottom of the document, I included the following disclaimer:

* NOTE: These guidelines are provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. Individuals seeking legal advice and opinions should consult a lawyer licensed to practice law in their jurisdiction. The Podcasting Guide from Creative Commons ( is an outstanding source of information on these issues. Also refer to Colette Vogele’s podcast, Rules for the Revolution (

If you think I’ve left something out of this document which should be included please let me know. I wanted to keep this limited to a single, printable page. Feel free to use and modify this handout for your own purposes/use, or those of your organization.

I had not previously heard of Colette Vogele’s podcast, Rules for the Revolution, and am subscribing in iTunes now. According to the EFF webpage where I found her podcast linked, she is a practicing lawyer in San Francisco, a non-resident fellow with the Stanford Center for Internet and Society, and the primary author of “The Podcasting Legal Guide” hosted by Creative Commons.

If you are looking for additional resources related to podcasting, copyright, and intellectual property issues as they relate to educators and students, refer to my wiki curriculum for my presentation, “Copyright, Fair Use, Intellectual Property & Podcasting” which I shared at COSN in March 2008.

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4 responses to “Guidelines for Non-commercial Recording and Podcasting at Educational Conferences”

  1. Miguel Guhlin Avatar

    Great job, Wes! Could you add a second page with a podcast permission release form?

  2. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    Yes, I’ll add a release form but I need to hunt around for more samples… I have the one our students at my kids’ elementary school used for VoiceThread projects this past year… Do you have some sample permission forms linked publicly at SAISD?

  3. Miguel Guhlin Avatar

    Wes, sure…here’s the one we use for children…it would be easy to adapt it to adults. Let me know if you want me to do that, or if you have time.

    Feel free to re-use/modify/whatever.


  4. Colette Avatar

    Thanks for listening to our podcast and referencing the legal guide. We’re about to publish a new version in the next 4-6 weeks.