The Media Education Lab at Temple University continues to create and publish a variety of outstanding materials for educators and students relating to intellectual property issues, copyright, and fair use. A discussion about copyright and their September 2007 publication “The Cost of Copyright Confusion for Media Literacy” (PDF) will be facilitated by Kristin Hokanson at EduBloggerCon San Antonio this coming Saturday. In the proposed description for this session, Kristin wrote:

The Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Education will be released in November [2008] and will be endorsed by a number of educational groups, including The National Association for Media Literacy Education and others. The Statement will help bring clarity to the problem of copyright confusion by clearly identifying four common educational practices that rely on the use of digital copyrighted materials for educational use as qualifying for the fair use exemption.

This sounds like GREAT information important for every teacher, administrator and student using media in our 21st century classrooms!

A 5.5 minute video about this research project is also available on YouTube as well as the Media Education Lab’s website:

I’ve added a link to this report on my workshop wiki “Copyright, Fair Use, Intellectual Property & Podcasting.” This sounds like a GREAT topic for conversations at EduBloggerCon! I’ve emailed Kristin and asked for permission to non-commercially record and share this session.

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One Response to Copyright Resources from Temple University

  1. Hey Wes…
    Got your email and will be sure to fill out the form. I am going to ustream as well knock on wood…with co-host so folks can add their ideas even if they can’t attend edublogger con. I have been fascinated with this statement’s progress since I learned of it this winter. Unfortunately the Temple team will be at ALA the week of NECC so I am gonna be spreading the word for them. Thanks for pointing to this conversation!

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