It’s official. I submitted my two weeks notice today to AT&T, resigning as the Director of Education Advocacy for Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Wisconsin and Michigan effective Friday, July 11th. I’ll start work on July 14th for the Oklahoma Heritage Association in Oklahoma City (a 501(c)(3)) as their Director of Technology and Education Outreach. I have really enjoyed working for AT&T the past 24 months, and look forward to the new opportunities as well as challenges which await me working for the OHA.

I’ll still be attending and presenting at NECC next week on behalf of AT&T, as well as keynoting the Missouri Distance Learning Association’s annual conference in Osage Beach July 9 and 10.

My personal contact information on will be updated in two weeks with my new “business hours” phone number. My personal email address remains wesfryer [at] pobox [dot] com.

I’ll be writing lots more in the weeks and months ahead about the OHA and my evolving role there. I’ll continue to serve as the co-director of our statewide oral history and digital storytelling project, “Celebrate Oklahoma Voices.” The OHA’s official “about page” describes the organization in the following way:

Located in Oklahoma City, the Oklahoma Heritage Association focuses on telling Oklahoma’s history through its people, and each of its programs strives to accomplish that goal. The organization has hosted the Oklahoma Hall of Fame for the past 80 years to recognize the most accomplished individuals from our state. The Association also supports education in a variety of ways, including offering more than $400,000 in scholarships to Oklahoma high schoolers each year and hosting Heritage Week poster and essay competitions for fourth through 12th graders. The organization’s annual awards recognize the educators, individuals and organizations that are committed to preserving Oklahoma history, and the Association is the leader in publishing Oklahoma’s history. In the organization’s new Edward L. Gaylord-T. Boone Pickens Oklahoma Heritage Museum, visitors can meet Oklahomans past and present through high-tech, interactive exhibitory.

I look forward to making contributions to the OHA’s goals and mission, as well as continuing my educational advocacy work here in Oklahoma as well as other locales around the U.S. and world. I AM “here for the learning revolution!” 🙂

Wesley Fryer: New personal business card

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6 Responses to Director of Technology and Education Outreach: Oklahoma Heritage Association!

  1. Congratulations on your new position. I can feel your excitement coming through the blog post. Hope to see you in San Antonio at NECC and have a chance to catch up a little. Congratulations again!


  2. Paul McMahon says:

    Good Luck with the new position Wes!

    I am so envious of countries where there are community organizations that employ people with a passion for IT for learning. I am working on the principle of “build it and they will come” in Hong Kong. It has taken me 18 months so far and last month I had the success of raising sponsorship to have 200 educators at the one venue discussing ICT for 21st Century Learning. First time ever! I know that it is easier to do this in Shanghai due to the large US affiliation through EARCOS. We will get there in Hong Kong. I am confident.

    Anyway, it sounds a great opportunity to do what you believe in and make a difference. I know you will make it a great success.

    Best wishes,

  3. Wesley Fryer says:

    Thanks Eric! I am definitely looking forward to the opportunities to help the OHA move into both podcasting and videoconferencing / virtual field trips. I’d love to get your input on some ideas I have, based on your experiences with other historical museums…

    Thanks Paul! This is a new position for the OHA which they are creating, and I think it’s a natural fit for their existing focus on oral history and sharing digital stories. Good luck to you as you continue to work toward hosting an educational technology event in Hong Kong!

  4. Jason says:

    Any word on if ATT will fill your position & who do we need to contact to find out? You will be missed in your current capacity, but I know you will do well in your new position. You have been a great PD resource across the region.

  5. Wesley Fryer says:

    Thanks Jason. I am certainly going to continue providing PD, blogging, and being an educational advocate, although in my new role I’ll be more focused specifically on digital storytelling and oral history.

    I’m not sure if my position will be filled or not. Right now from what I understand there is a hiring freeze, at least for positions like mine. If the position is to be filled and it is openly advertised I’ll email you the contact info and share a link here (if it is available) to the application info.

  6. Jason says:

    If they fill your position, the new person will have big shoes to fill.

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