This podcast features a recording of David Thornburg’s NECC 2008 presentation “Open Minds, Open Education, and a View of Open Culture.” The official conference program description and purpose / objectives for this session were: This talk explores how open education and culture are supported by 1:1 computing facilitated with open source tools, worldwide. True universal access, worldwide, requires innovation in hardware and software. Linux and open source software play a critical role here. In addition, a shift toward a more education-friendly copyright scheme (such as creative commons) is essential in opening up the educational process for all. As liberty, equality, fraternity becomes rip. mix and burn, the remixing of educational content by teachers and students alike is quite powerful. Most importantly, the cultural elements of education around the world can finally be addressed in ways that build true understanding and appreciation for the disparate peoples of the world.

Show Notes:

  1. Thornburg Center
  2. My textual notes for this session
  3. WikiPedia entry for Nicolás Guillén (Cuban poet laureate)
  4. Open Source Information for Indiana Schools
  5. Open Source Applications by OSI (Open Source in Indiana)
  6. Indiana Department of Education
  7. K-12 Open Minds (25-27 Sept 2008 Open Source in Education conference in Indiana)
  8. Indiana’s Open-Source Experiment: A status report on the largest Linux rollout in K-12 history by Matt Villano (SchoolCIO article)
  9. Tech4Learning by David Wagner (referenced as software which serves the child, not commercial computing platforms)
  10. One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)
  11. Intel Classmate PC
  12. One2OneMate: Affordable, Powerful, One2One Computing Solutions
  13. NComputing
  14. Koolu
  15. Puppy Linux: a small, fast operating system running from CDs, USB sticks and hard disks
  16. Freedom Toaster WikiPedia article: a public kiosk that will burn copies of free software onto user-provided CDs and DVDs
  17. Apple Learning Interchange audio podcast / recording of this session

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