I was enthused to see this afternoon the social bookmarking website del.icio.us has gotten a redesign and facelift:

Del.icio.us has been redesigned!

The domain del.icio.us seems to now automatically redirect to delicious.com. Previously I don’t think this redirect was automatic from the “.us” site to the “.com” site. Previously I think it was reversed, the “.com” site redirected to the original. Perhaps this is good since “delicious.com” is easier to spell and explain! To learn more about the changes check out “What’s New On Delicious.” I’m guessing this site revamp has something to do with the irregularity of daily, automatic postings of my del.icio.us favorites which I’ve noticed the in past few weeks.

Although last night’s skypecast to discuss the StoryChasers project was a qualified success, I heard some feedback today and had an experience that lessened my own personal enthusiasm for recommending Skype to teachers and students. I don’t need or want to receive any Skype instant messages like this one:

A reason NOT to use Skypecasts with students

Apparently during and after the Skypecast last night, at least some of the other educator participants received similar IMs and some were even more offensive / inappropriate. Good grief. My apologies to anyone who ran into this same situation. Next time we are going to try and use Elluminate.

Of course we DO need to be aware of the potential for this to happen, and be talking to our students as well as our own children and other family members about this.

On a much more positive and upbeat note, I was pleased today to setup a Flickr account for my new employer, the Oklahoma Heritage Association. The OHA has literally THOUSANDS of photos from events as well as the annual Oklahoma Hall of Fame to share, which includes over 600 members to date. I need to write some grants and hire a staff! One step at a time…..

I’m in the process of learning Final Cut Pro (which I used for a video project on technology leadership back in 2003 but haven’t used since) to start publishing video content from the Hall of Fame events as well as other association and museum activities. I’m certainly going to try and put my new MacBook Pro and copy of Final Cut Studio Pro 2 which the OHA bought for me to good use!

We’ve got some amazingly talented folks in the Oklahoma Hall of Fame.

2007 Oklahoma Hall of Fame

If you haven’t learned a lot in the past about the contributions of Oklahomans to our society and world, don’t worry. Your chances are coming. 🙂

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3 Responses to A delicious facelift, skypecast drawbacks, and a new Flickr site

  1. Bob Martin says:

    Hi Wes,

    I was only at the Skypecast briefly yesterday (dabigleap)and didn’t even have time to contribute or catch up before I got pulled away. I was there to learn more about Skypecast as well as Storychasers, etc. and didn’t get to any of it. I did, unfortunately, get one of these “solicitations” however. Not a big deal to a web savvy person, just recognize it for the garbage that it is and block the sender. It is too bad that Skype allows this kind of thing though. I’m interested to see how Elluminate goes! Thanks again.


  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    Bob: I’m glad you were able to join us for part of the meet-up, and sorry to hear you ran into the unwanted solicitation problem as well. I guess on the bright side, experiencing situation in a very limited way does provide a powerful object lesson we won’t soon forget. As I mentioned in the post MANY of our kids are facing situations like this now, so it behooves us to understand these dynamics so we can have more informed discussions with others about them. This certainly wasn’t an intended consequence of our conversation Wednesday night, but it was still valuable and I’m sure I won’t be forgetting this anytime soon.

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