WikiMapia is a “wiki meets Google Maps” mash-up intended to be used as a digital geographic encyclopedia reference tool. In its current incarnation, WikiMapia is a little rough around the edges, but keep this site on your list of potential teaching tools.

Here’s how WikiMapia works: Key landmarks, such as Rainbow Arch in Utah, the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, or the Pyramid of the Moon in Mexico, are identified on the map. Each landmark has a Flickr type notation (this is the wiki part) which anyone can edit or contribute information related to that landmark.

Placeopedia is an open source mash-up of Google Maps and Wikipedia. Using this site, students can connect existing Wikipedia articles with their corresponding location on the map, and then make use of the community generated database to “browse, use, or syndicate the whole lot.”

The Association of American Geographers (ARGUS) have compiled a myriad of geography teaching materials along with a text which contains 26 case studies that illustrate major geographic concepts, transparency masters, a teacher’s guide, and an interactive CD.

Digital Geography is an UK-based website for teachers focused on using ICT and social software resources in the geography curriculum. Noel Jenkins, the brains behind Digital Geography, uses Google Earth and Flickr, along with his own model curriculum (including animation), to make geography a fun and active learning experience for students.

These are just a few of the many digital resources available on the web that can provide teachers with the building blocks and ideas to integrate geographic literacy and skills into their curriculum.

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