This is too good to not share.

Last weekend our family attended the wonderful wedding of my cousin Devin Henley and his beautiful bride, Andrea. This evening as my wife and I watched “The Red Violin” (a great flick, btw) I caught up on my photo and video uploads to Flickr. I’m in the habit of limiting access to photos of our kids to family and friends (those designated in Flickr) and I did with the wedding photo set, but the video set is too adorable (and not really that identifiable like a photo can be) to not share.

Of the six videos in the set, this one of Rachel dancing to YMCA is our favorite:

This second video of her YMCA dancing, including some breakdancing moves she certainly did NOT learn from her dad, comes in a close second:

Did we ever have a BLAST together at Devin and Andrea’s wedding or what? Boy this was a lot of fun! Clearly our family (led by our youngest members) needs to get out and go dancing more often! 🙂

Again I say “thanks” to the flash-based camera and camcorder I picked up several weeks ago for enabling me to capture these memorable moments.

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One Response to The cutest 5 year old dancer you’ve ever seen

  1. Audrey Hill says:

    Okay. that’s just adorable, and also amazing, when you think about it. She learned that break dancing somewhere, probably on TV or maybe from a peer and put it in play. That’s some natural kinesthetic intelligence she’s got there. Not an introvert that one.

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