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Podcast279V: Setting up a SubDomain with cPanel

This video podcast is a short screencast describing how you can use the free website management tool CPanel (provided by my own webhost, Siteground, as well as many others) to set up a subdomain on your website. The main reason to set up a subdomain is so you can use a subdomain web address to tell other people how to find your website. As an example, my main website is I have WordPress installed at the root level of my domain. I have other instances of WordPress installed into subdomains of my website, however, which gives these sites their own unique addresses. Of course I could have simply installed these programs in subdirectories of my site, but I think it looks more professional and its handier to use subdomains. Examples of subdomains on my main website are our family learning blog:, my personal Moodle site:, a Christian team-blog to which I contribute:, and my personal wiki: I have installed (but not used lately) the free wiki engine TikiWiki on my personal wiki site. More recently I installed and have worked with MediaWiki on the StoryChaser’s project wiki: If the ideas and information included in this podcast are helpful and of interest to you, please leave a comment on this blog post. Good luck!


Show Notes:

  1. Subdomain defined (WikiPedia)
  2. cPanel (WikiPedia)
  3. Siteground (my web host)
  4. Screenflow (the program I used to create this screencast)

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3 responses to “Podcast279V: Setting up a SubDomain with cPanel”

  1. Alvira Avatar

    This article provides valuable insight into utilizing CPanel when setting up a sub-domain. The ability to use sub-domain addresses so others can find one’s website is a useful way of getting the most out of the tools one has. Look forward to reading more articles as they come in.

    Alvira Khan
    Florida Atlantic University
    FAU Alumna
    Boca Raton

  2. Ryan Avatar

    Hey Wesley, helpful podcast – particularly by mentioning moving subdomains below the public_html directory. Cheers.