I use the free PodPress plug-in for WordPress to create browser-based Flash player links for audio and video podcasts I publish here on “Moving at the Speed of Creativity.” PodPress is not available for Moodle, wikis, or other blog software programs, however. If you are publishing a mp3 audio file podcast to your school website or another server, how can you provide the same user-friendly Flash player functionality on those sites?

Thanks to Amit Agarwal I learned how to do this tonight. I used the following code to embed a clean, unbranded Flash player from Google on a webpage in my “Exploring the Biblical World Through Google Earth” course I’m teaching on Wednesday nights at our church for five weeks this fall:

In our class Moodle course (guest logins ARE permitted) the Flash player links look like this:

Exploring the Biblical World Through Google Earth

I like the fact that this is not branded, is clean, and is pretty straightforward to do. This requires a little bit of “code work” but the result is certainly worth it. I think the ability to do minor “code tweaks” like this is an important skill to have in our era of user-created content.

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One Response to Embedding mp3 audio files with a free flash player in Moodle, a wiki or a blog

  1. Thanks Wes
    Looking forward to trying this in our College moodle site!

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