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Follow tonight’s Presidential debate on OETA’s Political Pulse Blog

As you may know, the first U.S. Presidential debate of the 2008 campaign is scheduled for this evening (September 26, 2008) at 8 pm CDT. Here in Oklahoma, our public television network (OETA) has created the Oklahoma Votes 2008 website to provide dynamic election coverage. One of the site’s resources is the Political Pulse blog, authored by Dick Pryor. The blog has the tagline “Unbiased Information on Oklahoma Politics.”

Political Pulse

I got to know Dick last December when we were both part of a team sent to Hawaii to facilitate a videoconference with USS Oklahoma veteran survivors from Ford Island in Pearl Harbor. I really enjoyed the opportunity to not only work with Dick but also learn from him as a veteran journalist in both radio and television.

In his most recent entry on The Political Pulse, “Debate Prep Resource,” Dick linked to Frank Baker and Karen Zil’s outstanding website “Lights, Camera, Debate!” which provides resources to use in advance and following the Presidential debates. The website focuses on:

How to watch the presidential debates from a media-literacy perspective.

This is a great collection of resources. What a super time to focus on media literacy!

As a related aside, OETA’s Oklahoma World War II Veterans Project won the Emmy Award for Community Service at the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Heartland Emmy Awards Presentation on July 19, 2008. Resources still available related to this project include the Oklahoma World War II Stories project website, and the WetPaint wiki we used for educational digital learning projects related to our December 6, 2007, videoconference from Pearl Harbor. The Veteran Interview guide on the OETA website (PDF format) is one resource we continue to use for our ongoing Celebrate Oklahoma Voices oral history project.

Whether or not you’re an Oklahoman, I commend both the Oklahoma Votes 2008 website and Dick’s Political Pulse blog as great resources to utilize in the classroom and at home as we watch and participate in the unfolding elections this fall at local, state and national levels.

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3 responses to “Follow tonight’s Presidential debate on OETA’s Political Pulse Blog”

  1. Lisa Pryor Avatar
    Lisa Pryor

    Check out the live blogging at Leave your comments. Was there a clear winner from your point of view? Will it change the leaners and undecideds?

  2. Gina Avatar

    After watching the candidate’s debate last night, it became apparent that Obama would be better to play the President in a movie, but McCain is the man who can actually do the job. Obama is like a movie set. He looks good, but behind the facade, there’s nothing there. When you have no track record, like Obama, all you can do is criticize and attack America … whereas McCain, who has actually contributed to this country for decades obviously loves America … whereas Obama seems to be in this for personal ambition.

  3. Dean Mattson Avatar

    One of us must have been seeing a convincing simulation of a debate because I saw a completely different one than the one Gina did.