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iTunes Installation Guide and Implications of the 4th Screen

This evening was the 2nd of 5 sessions in the adult class “Lifelong Learning with iTunes University” which I’m teaching on Wednesday nights in October and November at our church. In the first five session class I taught on Google Earth, I failed (or more accurately chose not) to provide step-by-step handouts for participants. This evening I provided an eleven page printed handout, and my adult participants were delighted. This combined handout had two parts:

These handouts are shared under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States license, so feel free to use and repurpose these as desired with attribution.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.

Last week in our introductory session we watched and discussed the Nokia video advertisement “Welcome to the 4th Screen.”

These were the implications of telecommunications convergence we brainstormed and shared after viewing this a couple of times and discussing it:

Implications of the 4th Screen

For our families and ourselves
1. Speed of access to each other (communication)
2. Caught between 2 worlds (big changes)
3. Creates separation (screens can)
4. Interruptions
5. Ron Baker: said some day people will not need a land line
6. We can call a person not a place
7. Distractions: Inability to focus, manners have changed

For learning and the church universal
1. No face time (much less face time)
2. Importance of building community
3. Importance of unplugging and being offline
4. Can make F2F interaction challenging
5. We have to go into the world of young people

This evening I shared Sir Ken Robinson’s excellent TedTalk from 2006 “Do schools kill creativity?” as an introduction for participants to TedTalks and the amazing ideas they offer for free to people equipped with computers and Internet connectivity.

Everyone’s homework is to get iTunes installed and to subscribe to TedTalks as their first podcast subscription. Hopefully most of the participants will do it now that I’ve provided a step-by-step tutorial / handout. My top recommendation was to find a young person: a child, grandchild, or neighbor, who could help them get iTunes installed and setup. I was disappointed how few of the attendees in my Google Earth class actually installed the program at home. I think a handout would have helped increase those numbers.

Next week we are going to explore some of the courses and content available via iTunes University. Do you have a favorite course or video that you’ve found via iTunes University that you’d highly commend to others?

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