In April 2008 at our Oklahoma Distance Learning Association’s spring conference, I was blown away by Lance Ford’s Honda element equipped for mobile videoconferencing with iChat and Skype, using a built-in Mac-Mini and AT&T WiFi card. For photos and a podcast interview with Lance (the Oklahoma Mac Jedi) see the posts:

This year, I’m again blown away by Lance Ford and his abilities to humanize digital technologies as he connects Oklahoma learners to others around our nation and world. The following are two short video clips I filmed this morning in the parking lot, just outside the Oklahoma Regional Training Institute here in Oklahoma City. I took these with my Sony GC1 Net Sharing Cam and posted them to a Flickr set for ODLA2008.

This is Chris Renfrow describing the Tandberg Mobile Commander:

This is Lance Ford describing the videoconference connection this morning from the back of the UHaul truck which is pulling the Mobile Commander Trailer:


At the Missouri Distance Learning Association’s conference this past July, I heard Tim Gore and Jim Sturm of present a session titled “Interactive Video Conferencing from Anywhere.” Tim and Jim facilitated over 100 videoconferences from along the Lewis and Clark trail, using a homebrew version of the Tandberg Mobile Commander which we are seeing and using here at ODLA today.

Who can say what WONDERFUL videoconferences are on the horizon for Oklahoma learners and others now that a collaboration group in Oklahoma has TWO mobile commander units, thanks to successful grants received over the summer!

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