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All A Twitter about Twitter by Beth Knittle

Beth Knittle presented a session this afternoon at the MASSCUE 2008 conference in Sturbridge, MA, titled “All A Twitter about Twitter.” Handouts from the session are available on Beth’s Wiki. I shared a few ideas during the preso as well. We Ustreamed the session, and I also archived the Ustream text chat.

Thanks to Ustream participants, we learned about the Twitter directories and during the session. The session description was:

Twitter is a free social messaging service for staying connected in real- time, using the web, your phone, or IM. It is a cross between chat and micro-blogging. Twitter can play a key role in developing a learning environment. Participating in the network can provide just-in-time support and continued learning, and it facilitates a better understanding of the people you collaborate with. Come discover some tips and tricks to make Twitter work for you. (We’ll also examine Plurk, another Twitter- like tool.) Wesley Fryer, a world-class Twitterer, will join the discussion.

This is the first time I’ve been listed in a conference program as “a world-class Twitterer.” Since that term is largely undefined, I suppose it is very much up for debate whether or not my use of Twitter qualifies me for such a title. Honestly, I think the best thing about Twitter is the opportunity to both contribute to and benefit from the shared learning of educators networked together. This, to me, is a big part of Connectivism.

I was glad to hear Beth demo Edmodo, which is a walled-garden “twitter-like” application for use by teachers and students.

Presenters had trouble with bandwidth/WiFi connectivity at the conference hotel during sessions today. Thankfully (for this and other sessions) I was able (again) to BYOB!

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  1. Ellen Trude Avatar

    Wow – brillant, thank you from Cologne, Germany – Ellen

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