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Learn and share about OLPC

As the December holiday season again approaches, many people in many cultures will be thinking about gift giving options. This year, consider giving an XO Laptop to a student in a developing country. The OLPC Foundation is again offering a “Give One, Get One” campaign, providing a chance to both obtain an OLPC for you and your family, as well as provide one for a student in a country whose leaders have the vision to adopt OLPCs for ALL students. This program restarted on November 17, 2008, in collaboration with

My other laptop is in Rwanda

This recently posted video (also available on summarizes well the focus and core principles of OLPC.

The five core principles of OLPC explained in the video are:

  1. The kids keep the laptops.
  2. Focus on early education.
  3. No one gets left out.
  4. Connection to the internet.
  5. Free to grow and adopt.

Besides reading community news on the OLPC wiki, a good way to stay up to date (certainly visually) with OLPC updates is to add OLPC as a Flickr contact! The website also includes a variety of videos about OLPC, including (most recently) a video about the deployment of 15,000 XO laptops in Birmingham, Alabama.

Help promote this video on Digg! Additionally, utilize OLPC press logo embed codes to promote the project on your blog, wiki, or other websites!

One Laptop per Child: Give 1 Get 1

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