Last year, in December 2007, I was fortunate to be a digital witness— attending and helping document the events surrounding the dedication of the USS Oklahoma Memorial on Ford Island in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This evening, I’ve been working on a family DVD for 2007 (yes, I’m a year behind) and ran across several video clips to include on the DVD which I have not previously posted online. Some of these videos were shared as video podcasts during our actual week in Hawaii last December, but some were not. Here are five video clips I posted this evening from that trip.

This 2.5 minute video is a recording of some narration beside the USS Missouri, on Ford Island in Pearl Harbor, on December 3, 2008. This was recorded prior to the videoconference I helped facilitate with USS Oklahoma survivors and Oklahoma students on December 6th.

This 4 minute video features interviews with Claremore, Oklahoma Junior ROTC Students recorded on 3 December 2007.

This six minute video includes excerpts from the actual USS Oklahoma Memorial Dedication on 7 December 2007:

Because it is longer (17 min, 19 sec) I uploaded the video “Interviews with USS Oklahoma Survivors on 5 December 2007” to Google Video instead of YouTube. (YouTube rejected it since it’s over their 10 minute maximum length. Update 25 April 2013: Before Google Video shut down I cross-posted this to YouTube. My account by then had been authorized for uploads longer than 15 minutes.) I included the following description with the uploaded video:

A series of interviews with survivors from the USS Oklahoma and others prior to the USS Oklahoma Memorial Dedication on December 7, 2007. These interviews were conducted by Dick Pryor and recorded by Boots Kennedy. I was part of team sent from Oklahoma to help document and share this historical event. This footage was shot and edited in Hawaii and sent via FTP back to OETA. I am not sure if any of this footage was used in actual news programs by OETA or other channels or not.

This final video titled “A 25 hour travel saga: Honolulu to Oklahoma City in December 2007” (9 min, 16 sec) is a collection of thoughts and reflections following this trip to Hawaii, recorded in the airport in Minneapolis as well as Dallas as our team journeyed back to Oklahoma just in time for a good ‘ole midwest ice storm. Yes, the temperature difference between Honolulu and Minneapolis WAS 71 degrees! Yikes! In this video, I also attempted to connect our problem solving experiences on this trip with our need for PBL in schools!

Previously posted media regarding the USS Oklahoma Memorial includes:

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4 Responses to Videos from the USS Oklahoma Memorial Dedication in December 2007

  1. I watched all those videos and its really great. I think I watched those on youtube as well. Specially the video Interviews with USS Oklahoma Survivors is absolutely fantastic. And second one I liked most Surrender of the Japanese to the United States Aboard the USS Missouri.Thanks very much.

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    Landon: I’m delighted you found some of these worthwhile. I agree the Veteran interviews are really good. It was very powerful to be on the USS Missouri for that retelling of the Japanese surrender. I hope to take my family there this coming July, when we will be in Hawaii for a family reunion. It’s very special to have the USS Missouri there as a floating museum and literal piece of history, right beside the location where the USS Oklahoma was moored.

  3. Mahalo for creating this page! What a great resource. I am have forwarded it to several people here and on the mainland. My father who knew someone from the USS Arizona was especially interested in watching the videos. The saga of the USS Oklahoma was always a part of my Pearl Harbor unit when I taught US History (a few years ago). We used to take the students to Pearl Harbor and Punchbowl National Cemetery. The students would then interview someone who lived on the island during the attack or the war. While I love my job as a tech specialist, teaching that unit is one of the things I miss. 🙂

  4. Wesley Fryer says:

    That is great Lynne. I am now heavily involved in oral history projects here in Oklahoma, and I’m convinced having students conduct oral history interviews and share part of that experience as a digital story is highly likely to be a transformative learning experience for them. Thanks so much for passing along the links. 🙂

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