The video “Hero in the Hallway” is one I often like to use as a conclusion for presentations with students about cyberbullying prevention.

I’m sharing this blog post and question primarily for students at Howe High School in Mrs. Parks’ journalism class following our recent videoconference, but the following questions are open for anyone to answer.

How do you think the themes and messages of this video connect to what we need to be doing in our schools to address bullying, cyberbullying, and other issues together?

What action steps can you begin taking NOW at your school to make a positive difference in the lives of those who are victims of bullying?

For more links related to this topic, see my wiki page for the presentation “Proactive Approaches to Address Cyberbullying and Digital Social Networking.”

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10 Responses to Hero in the Hallway Video: Connections for student advocacy

  1. Franki says:

    Love the video.I hadn’t seen it before. A powerful video that can be used to start discussions with students of all ages. And a great clip for teacher conversations too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much for posting the video. It is a new one for me. Our school , like every school needs to see it.

  3. Mike Dionne says:

    Last spring our iSafe mentors created a 1 hour long assembly for grades 5-8. We used the concept from the Hallway hero video and created a theme. At the end of the assembly we had the kids take a pledge to be a hallway hero and help stamp out bullying both physical and virtual. We created a virtual pledge wall using an online graffiti wall maker. Students came up front to a computer and typed their name on the wall. We also created our own video and gave out pledge cards and a bullying tip line.

    Feedback from students and staff at our schools was great! It was all due to the inspiration from this video.

  4. Andrea Ford says:

    The video is very powerful in many ways! It shows that bullying happens anywhere not just at school. It can happen at a bus stop, on-line, an even

  5. andrea Ford says:

    at parks, and stores. And it shows us that we don’t need to stand around and let our friends get bullied, we need to step up and be a hero to a person that is being bullied and show them that they are not alone and that you are there for them.

  6. Samantha Carter says:

    This video hit key points in where bullying starts and in places it happens even the grades it starts in. Its not just middle school kids or just high schoolers, its elementary grades as well. I think everyone should have a chance to watch this video, whether its students, teachers, parents. Everyone needs to see it and help take a stand to prevent this from happening. It was a very powerful presentation.

  7. christopher oliver says:

    Good video with good message! It shows us that bullying happens not just at school but other places too and that anyone can be a hero! Anyone can take that step to reach out to someone else and that may be all they need. Is someone to talk to!! Or someone to be their friend!!

  8. […] school, I showed my kids the “Hero in the Hallway” video, which had been on my mind since I posted about it recently. My own children had never seen this video before, and it led to some good discussion about what we […]

  9. Jody Watson says:

    The video is no longer available. Do you have a copy somehere or is it no longer ethical to show it.

  10. Wesley Fryer says:

    It is still available on TeacherTube. I changed the embedded version in this post to the TeacherTube version. Thanks for letting me know the YouTube version has been taken down. I’m not sure what the validity of the copyright violation is that has apparently been lodged with YouTube is, so I don’t know if the TeacherTube version will remain online long or not. Hopefully it will!

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