Last week at eTechOhio2009 I had a wonderful opportunity to see and hear Alvin Trusty present a session on multimedia design tips and copyright titled “How to Create a Great PowerPoint Without Breaking the Law: Take 2.0.” I posted my own audio recording of that session as well as session text notes last week. Alvin let me know today via email (yes, for those of you who are amazed, sometimes I DO actually read and reply to email!) that he’s posted the synchronized slides with the audio recording to Vimeo.

How to Create a Great PowerPoint – Take 2.0 from Alvin Trusty on Vimeo.

Without a doubt, Alvin’s presentation is MUCH more powerful and impactful in this video form than it is as an audio-only recording. After all, this was a presentation about visual design and techniques!

Alvin did add a new slide to the preso at minute mark 12:57. There certainly were a motley bunch of educators gathered on the front row of this session! 🙂

Alvin Trusty's presentation at eTechOhio2009

On his Flickr stream Alvin also included the only photo I’ve seen to date of my keynote at eTechOhio. This was the largest audience I’d ever addressed previously. It was a lot of fun, but also a bit intimidating! The video which was playing when this photo was snapped is “A sledding video from the sled” posted to Flickr, from 2 weeks ago here in Oklahoma.

Wes Fryer at eTechOhio 2009

Thankfully the front row for my keynote were not quite as disruptive as “some” of the attendees at Alvin’s presentation were. 😉 Alvin was also quite kind during his presentation when he came to the point of “not reading your PowerPoint slides.” I did end up reading a couple of my slides, and with hindsight should have just read the highlights instead.

For more photos of eTechOhio09, check the Flickr aggregated photo stream for the tag etechohio09.


BTW, think! Hat tip to Kathy Lawrence.

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  2. thanks for the link to our 20 Days To a Better VC Coordinator project. I can’t believe that no one was doing collaborative projects! You are so right that we need to continue to share what we do and create more opportunities for collaborations.

    We will presenting more about these types of projects at the TxDLA conference in April.


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