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Navigating Beyond the Now: The Force, Trends, and Signals that will impact Learning in the Next Decade

These are my notes from Monica Martinez’s CoSN09 spotlight session, “Navigating Beyond the Now: The Force, Trends, and Signals that will impact Learning in the Next Decade.” MY THOUGHTS AND COMMENTS ARE IN ALL CAPS. THERE ARE SOME AMAZING VIDEOS HERE. POWERFUL IDEAS. GOOD SYNTHESIS AND RESOURCES.

Grassroots Economy

The Institute For The Future –

Youth Voices from the Future project

from KnowledgeWorks Foundation: Empowering Communities to Improve Education

Reality Check: Student Voices from New High Schools

Education Map of the Future: this is the handout for this session, I think
– here’s the map description:

KnowledgeWorks Foundation and the Institute for the Future (IFTF) are pleased to present the 2006-2016 Map of Future Forces Affecting Education. Created by a range of experts and analysts, the map is a forecast of the future, and each element on the map represents forces that could affect learning in the next decade. Many of these forces can work in tandem, and they could also appear seemingly unconnected. Nothing is definite. We don’t encourage debating with the forecast, but rather encourage you to explore the map, think about what you’ve seen, and use the map and its interactive features for group and online discussion. Think of the map as a catalyst for conversation.

an Expanding Learning Economy
– how make learning richer for students
– personalize learning
– broker online learning experiences
– leverage networking

VUCA Communities
– volitile, uncertain, complex and ambiguious
– urban wilderness and families/communities

For each trend we’re seeing creative responses to it

Today in 2018 is your community feral or social?
Smart Networking
YouTube video

social communities are intensely participatory and transparent

Key question: how can technology play a role in connecting students with their communities?
– how can schools’ physical infrastructure keep nimble enough to respond quickly to change
– are there areas of technology or infrastructure where you could make a difference
– how can leaders make a difference today?

media-rich pervasive learning
– serious gaming is one outcome: Darfur is Dying is an example
World Without Oil is another game example
– serious gaming may eclipse the music industry in terms of income

opportunities for virtual experiences will only be increasing in the years ahead

San Francisco Exploratorium is leveraging these interactive potentials well

Digital tables may be coming soon, example of embedded technologies

whether or not these things happen at school, students are engaging with these devices in their lives, these provide communication and interaction possibilities
– big challenge to help students perceive schools as complex and engaging environments as the outside world

Forrester Research chart of students as content creators, critics, collectors, joiners, spectators, inactives
here is the actual research report: The Growth Of Social Technology Adoption by Josh Bernoff

Need to balance standardization with all of this
– how can we move instructional materials which are created in this environment

– which tools provide real levers for learning, how can you service them once they are introduced?
– how can you best communicate with teachers about those possibilities
– what are issues regarding acceptable use
– how can you negotiate a balance between technical and pedagogical considerations?



Her answer: New Technology High Schools headquartered in Napa
– personalizing learning around PBL


her answer: not not yet, but that chance may be coming
– a new 2020 forecast is coming “Creating the Future of Learning”

78 YouTube videos on the Knowledge Works YouTube channel

2006-2016 Map of Future Forces affecting education

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