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Live from the OK State Superintendent’s Dropout Summit

I’m attending the Oklahoma State Superintendent’s Dropout Summit this afternoon at Oklahoma Christian University. I’m experimenting with the Ustream Mobile broadcaster to provide a live video stream of the event, as well as CoverItLive. I’ve virtually “attended” events previously via CoverItLive but haven’t used it myself until today. Feel free to join in the chat in either Ustream or CoverItLive. I’ll keep broadcasting as long as my charged batteries last, which will probably be about 2 hours. 🙂

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4 responses to “Live from the OK State Superintendent’s Dropout Summit”

  1. Candice Avatar

    This visual representation of an educational summit talk may be part of our visual future. So many of us are visual learners and, for us, seeing can mean remembering. These arrows, colors, and movement on a 2D surface turn it somehow into a 3D surface. And a personal bias: the issue of dropouts is such a critical one in America–from junior high and high schoolers to PhD students. I am finishing my dissertation on why (no one reason) an average of 50% of American PhD students do not complete their studies. The lost resources are huge. Thank you for the visuals and for modeling ways to make sense of a talk beyond PowerPoint!!

  2. […] This is the completed CoverItLove blog archive from yesterday. This same “iframe” embed code was used for the “live” blogging interface, and became the archived version after the event concluded. If you are not able to embed “iframe” HTML code on your website (as I am not on this WordPress blog because of how it is configured) you will want to resolve this problem with your network administrator or website manager prior to your live event. It is possible to use “iframe” tags with WordPress and many other website content management systems, but in some cases special configurations may be required. […]

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  4. […] to insert Ustream or Mogulus webcast streams as well. I have recently used CoverItLive to live blog our state dropout summit, a TechLearning webinar on Web 2.0 in schools, and our most recent school board meeting in my […]