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Add drawings to your Google Documents

Google has added vector drawing functionality to Google Docs. From the INSERT menu in a Google word processing document, choose DRAWING to utilize the new functionality.

Insert a Drawing into Google Documents

If the Math 24/7 Project with VoiceThread is any indication, the ability for students to add hand-drawn illustrations to media projects is a BIG deal. When will Google Docs add the ability to include short audio recordings to a document, similar to Vocaroo? That would be tremendous from a digital portfolio perspective. The addition of drawing tools and functionality to Google Docs is a big leap forward.

Google Document Drawing Example - Google Docs

Objects can be grouped and copied/pasted just like they can in a word processing draw document.

Hat tip to Patrick Thornton for alerting me to this new functionality.

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3 responses to “Add drawings to your Google Documents”

  1. Penny Avatar

    This is also really useful for marking / giving feedback!!!! Yay I can draw smiley faces and big question marks!

  2. Megan Avatar

    This will be a really great opportunity for kids to be able to do even more with google. Applications like googledocs are be coming so mainstream now, that it’s almost imperative we teach our children how to use them. I also like the idea of using this new function to help with math projects. We need to encorporate more technology into mathematics.