I shared Danielle’s wonderful “Mother’s Day Podcast” this past Friday with attendees at the 2009 PodStock conference in Wichita, Kansas, and was inspired myself to record several “no-edit” Mother’s Day podcasts with my own children this afternoon. We used my relatively new “Sony ICDUX70 Digital Voice Recorder” to make these precious audio memories and messages for mom. The Sony records directly in MP3 format, so no file conversion or editing is required. It does record at 128 kbps, which is a higher bitrate than is needed for an audio podcast, but since they were small and to save time I didn’t bother compressing/optimizing them further. Options for free audio compression software programs include iTunes, Switch, and Audacity. I did use iTunes to edit the ID3 tags for each recording and also add an image as podcast show art. I was VERY pleased with this option to create a “no edit” podcast so readily! (For more on podcast bitrates, refer to this chart from Libsyn which I have linked on my workshop curriculum for “Intermediate/Advanced Topics in Podcasting.” My basic podcasting curriculum is also available.)

We published these both to our family learning blog (using EduBlogs.tv) as well as to my MobileMe website using iWeb 2009. Each of these are 3-5 minutes in length. I think they are all touching (of course I’m quite biased) but Rachel probably takes the cake for using the most expression in her answers! When you are five years old, apparently NOTHING can top a gift from the Disney Store!

Remember when you want to embed an EduBlogs.tv mp3 audio file like I have above but do NOT want it to autoplay, you can simply change the code “autostart=yes” to “autostart=no” in the embed code which the EduBlogs.tv website provides for your uploaded file.

Hat tip to Carol Anne McGuire for this precious podcasting idea! These were the questions we used in our podcast interviews today:

1.Tell me your favorite thing about your mother.
2. What does your mother do every day when you are away at school?
3. What does your mommy look like? (How would you describe her to someone who has never seen her before?)
4. What does your mom like to do when she is not working?
5. What does your mom like to eat?
6. How do you show your mother that you love her?
7. How does your mother show you that she loves you?
8. If you could give your mom anything in the whole world, what would you give her?
9. What makes your mom smile really big?
10. What have you learned from your mother?

If you have a digital audio recorder and/or a computer microphone, why not record one or more Mother’s Day podcasts for the mothers in your life this week? It’s a gift they are sure to treasure and remember. 🙂

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