Following the lead of Chris Duke this evening, I created an account as a publisher on Amazon’s Kindle Publishing for Blogs website and submitted “Moving at the Speed of Creativity” as an available blog.

Kindle Publishing for Blogs

After submitting all the requisite details, I was informed:

Your blog will be available on the Kindle Store in 48-72 hours.

According to Chris, Amazon will evaluate my blog and then determine what price should be charged for Kindle access. I have some real reservations about this, since my blog content is available FREE and it seems wrong for Amazon to charge Kindle owners to access it, even if they are going to pass along a portion of the income to me. I think the Kindle should have a Google Reader option, so anyone can read their RSS feeds just as they would on a laptop computer, iPhone, or other wireless computing device.

I went ahead and submitted my blog to Amazon, despite these reservations, because I’m interested in learning about the process and I’m certainly not going to turn down money people are willing to give me for blogging at this point. (Recognizing that there are not any conflicts of interest here: I’m not agreeing to promote Amazon’s products, for instance, as a result of this “deal.”) I’m also very interested in being a relevant and accessible information resource in our attention economy, so it makes sense to make my blog available to Kindle owners.

I’m planning to purchase my wife a Kindle DX (version 2) for her birthday this summer, and am looking forward to learning more about the Kindle via her experiences. I don’t think I’ll recommend she pays to read my own blog on her Kindle, however. 🙂

I think Amazon should provide an option for blog publishers to make their content FREELY available on the Kindle. Perhaps Amazon will.

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