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More amazing stopmotion examples

I’ll hopefully be able to post more reflections on our first day of Stopmotion Film Making summer camp soon, but I want to at least share the following two AMAZING stopmotion video examples tonight.

This first one comes via a tweet from Oregon 5th grade teacher David Cosand. The stopmotion film “Sorry I’m Late” was created with an overhead camera. The “how to” / backstory is included at the end accompanying the rolling credits. WOW!

Sorry I’m Late from Tomas Mankovsky on Vimeo.

This second stopmotion video, “The Letter,” is a longer film (6 minutes) and a good example of:

  1. A well-planned lego brickfilm
  2. Creative use of background music
  3. Good use of closely-cropped shots to add visual interest and show detail
  4. Example of dramatic structure in a stopmotion film
  5. Good use of supplementary sound effects

This video was shared by one of our 6th grade workshop participants today. I added this video to my growing “stopmotion” playlist on YouTube.

I’ve also made multiple updates to the Stopmotion wiki page we’re using as a curriculum and resource page for our week-long “camp” this week.

If you have links to favorite stopmotion videos which are not yet included on that page, please let me know with a comment here or a Twitter @reply to @wfryer. 🙂

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