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Sharing by default and empowering others to share

I listened to a presentation recently in which the speaker exhorted listeners to “share by default.”* Often in schools, sharing is sharply limited for students as well as for teachers. This needs to change.

The Creative Commons video, “A Shared Culture,” makes a compelling case for “sharing by default” and empowering others to share their voices and perspectives on the global stage. As the video recommends, we need to be thinking more about building community as well as sharing content.

I discovered this video when writing the ISTEconnects post, “Blogging the Conference: We’ve come a long way in 3 years!” and looking for a link for my closing question, “What will you share today?!” Full attribution for all the images and media files included in this video are available.

* Unfortunately I don’t remember where I heard this presentation, otherwise I’d link it here!

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One response to “Sharing by default and empowering others to share”

  1. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    Al Jazeera has an extensive CC licensed library of online videos. Apparently their leadership understand the vital importance of shared digital storytelling in the flat world. Those who want to share ideas with the world in order to change it should take note. This video “Gaza Bloggers” speaks to the concept of storychasers and social change advocates, leveraging the power of social media.