Tomorrow my son and I head out for Washington D.C. This evening we’ve been finalizing our packing, and that meant (for me in anticipation of some webcasting as well as podcasting from NECC 2009) putting together my updated webcasting/podcasting kit. The following image is labeled with mouse-over notes on Flickr:

Ready to webcast and podcast NECC 2009

I won’t be using the Ustream mobile application from NECC to webcast, but do plan to:

  1. Use my iPhone GS to record some video interviews which I’ll post directly to my YouTube channel.
  2. Record some interviews and sessions with my digital audio recorders, for later editing and publication.
  3. Webcast some full NECC sessions live over my Ustream channel using a DV camcorder as well as a Nady wireless lapel mic setup.

I’ve been concerned about my camera situation, since the DV camcorder I was going to borrow from my father-in-law stopped sending a DV signal over firewire for some reason last week in the middle of our stopmotion filmmaking camp. Today after our COV workshop finished up, I visited a couple Oklahoma City pawn shops in hopes I could find a relatively inexpensive DV camcorder that could work for webcasting.

I was VERY impressed at the camcorder selection in the second pawn shop we visited. The question is, of course, how many of these camcorders were actually stolen?

Camcorders for sale in an OKC pawn shop

This is the camcorder I ended up buying for $104, along with a six month warranty for $10. It’s a Sony with a 40x optical zoom, and it works great with my MacBook Pro over Ustream! It also included a case, two batteries, and the AC power supply. Given that you can’t buy a consumer-level camcorder with a DV port anymore in our area, this was a GREAT deal and find.

Sony DV camcorder

I will not be an official participant / contributor to the ISTEconnects webcasting and livestreaming efforts from NECC, but I would encourage everyone to check out the schedule Joe Corbett posted yesterday on ISTEconnects for their planned coverage from D.C. I’ll still be sharing posts on the ISTEconnects blog through next week, and I’m sure there will be a LOT of new content posted there and elsewhere as NECC gets in full swing.

I went ahead and deleted the session I’d planned to share on “Webcasting, Live Blogging & Backchannels” during session 1 of EduBloggerCon on Saturday, because I want to attend the “Web 2 Smackdown 2009” session Vicki Davis is organizing during that same time block. I missed that session last year, and don’t want to miss it again! I shared a similar session at our Oklahoma Distance Learning Conference in November of 2009 titled, “Webcasting on a Shoestring,” and that is available as a Ustream archive.

I added an EduBloggerCon 2009 session in the 1-1:45 pm timeblock titled “The 2009 K-12 Online Conference: What’s New and What Should We Do.” If you haven’t already, please read, forward, and retweet the post, “K12Online09 Bridging the Divide: Call for Proposals, Keynotes, and LAN Party Plans.” I’m hoping this session at EduBloggerCon 2009 will provide a good opportunity to discuss ideas for the 2009 conference, both sharing new elements proposed by conveners this year and also discussing other, new ideas we may not have considered previously. I am VERY excited about our proposed LAN party “live events” for k12online09 in partnership with EdTechTalk!

NECC 2009, here we come! 🙂

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