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Lincoln in 60 Seconds

This was the video I submitted today as part of my application for the August 5th “Google Teacher’s Academy” in Boulder, Colorado. Not sure if this will be good enough, but we’ll see. It was fun to make!

I titled it, “Lincoln in 60 Seconds.” Video submissions for the GTA can be a maximum of 60 seconds in length. Mine’s exactly a minute long! Unfortunately I look like a shadow for the video segment from Ford’s Theater, but oh well. Next time, perhaps, I’ll bring supplementary lighting! I also said “Lincoln in 30 seconds” instead of “60 seconds” in the intro, but I realized that too late to re-record.

If you want to apply for the GTA August 5th in Colorado, you have until midnight, tonight to submit your application via a Google Form.

This video was edited from the porch of Robert E. Lee‘s home (Arlington House) at Arlington National Cemetery today, and uploaded to YouTube via my 3G card. Mobile computing can be a good thing!

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2 responses to “Lincoln in 60 Seconds”

  1. Richard Byrne Avatar

    Good luck with your application.


  2. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    Thanks Richard! I was GREAT to meet you at NECC and be able to visit at several points. Keep up the great work on your blog and in your school! 🙂