I learned today it’s possible to edit a previously posted Audioboo and make the recorded location private. When you do this, all location information for that particular Audioboo is deleted.

Make the location private for an Audioboo

By default, Audioboo posts both the iPhone photo you select as well as your location on the planet (via Google Maps) on the post which is created after you post a recording. This is the photo and Google Map result from Alexander’s report yesterday from Ford’s Theater in Washington D.C.

Consider privacy issues when geo-locating with Audioboo

For a recording like this, at a public venue, location information is most likely fine to share. If you’re recording with Audioboo from your house, a grandparent’s house, or another location you’re not keen on sharing directly with the world, consider deleting the location information from that Audioboo. Audioboo account settings do not presently support levels of privacy access, but this is an active topic in the Audioboo forums.

Audioboo now lets you connect your account to both Twitter and Facebook for auto-posting. I just use the Twitter feature, since I use a Facebook application to auto-post my Twitter feed there.

AudioBoo can link to both Twitter and Facebook

If you’re new to Audioboo, check out this video introduction “Walking through Audioboo” to get started.

Walking through Audioboo from Mark Rock on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to Making Audioboo locations private

  1. Patsy Lanclos says:

    Wes, I was wondering about this also. However, I do not see “Make this boo private”. “Delete this boo” is the last option on my boos. What am I missing?

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