This podcast is an interview with Scott Carter, superintendent of schools in Kingman, Kansas. Scott is continuing to lead his district to implement a bold strategic plan which was collaboratively created three years ago. The district’s top priority is to support “learning connected and related to the real world through the use of integrated curriculum.” The second priority involves orienting education and curriculum to the interests and abilities of students. Priority three is informing and engaging the communities [served by the school district] through coordination with all city  and county entities, and the fourth priority is to be a leader in using technology as a leaning tool. These strategic goals are being operationalized in several ways in Kingman, including a focus on administrative expectations for effective technology integration (utilizing the LoTi framework and H.E.A.T. analysis tools) and a new middle school one-to-one learning initiative in 2009-2010 utilizing Lenovo netbooks. Thanks to Scott for sharing background information about the work of educators in his district to prepare students to thrive in the 21st century. I also included a shout-out to Scott Elias and Melinda Miller for their fantastic podcast, The Practical Principals, which I listened to today on my commute to and from Kingman. If you’re a school administrator, don’t miss “The New Administrators Wiki” project they showcased in their episode from April 2009. See the podcast shownotes for links!

Show Notes:

  1. Scott Carter on Plurk (Superintendent, Kingman Schools, Kansas)
  2. USD 331 in Kingman, Kansas
  3. Kingman, Kansas (WikiPedia)
  4. LoTi: Levels of Teaching Innovation and H.E.A.T.
  5. My notes from our LoTi workshop in Kingman: Part 1 and Part 2
  6. Turning up the “HEAT” in Education by Dean Mantz
  7. Story Centered Curriculum by Roger Shank
  8. Lenovo S10E netbook
  9. Total Traffic Control content filtering by Lightspeed
  10. The New Administrators Wiki
  11. Practical Principals 19 – Wikified
  12. What they didn’t teach me in my admin program by Jim Connolly

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