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Are virtual interactions REAL? A video answer from @danlovejoy

Dan Lovejoy is a graduate student in the Technical Communication and Rhetoric program at Texas Tech University, and lives in the Oklahoma City area. Dan interviewed me and several others for his 7 minute, 40 second micro-documentary “Real/Virtual.” Among others, he asked participants over video to respond to the following questions:

  1. Have you had an “oh, wow!” digital communication moment?
  2. Why are you on or not on Facebook?
  3. Why are online collaborations important?
  4. Are your “virtual” connections and communications “real” in the same way face-to-face interactions are?
  5. What is real learning?

Dan did a GREAT job with this video, both from a content and a technical perspective. I think he edited everything together with Final Cut Pro. He recorded our interview over Skype video using Ecamm’s CallRecorder. I was actually in Wichita, Kansas, when we did the interview. Great work Dan! (He did get an A in the course, BTW, for which this was his final project!)

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One response to “Are virtual interactions REAL? A video answer from @danlovejoy”

  1. Joel Zehring Avatar

    Shane Hipps had some interesting comments when he answered the question “What is virtual community?” He stated that authentic community has four characteristics: shared history, permanence, proximity, and a shared imagination of the future.