This past Friday after I picked up my son from school, we stopped by our downtown Oklahoma City Amtrak station for a free tour of the Christmas Carol Movie train. One of the most interactive portions of the tour was being able to use provided HP touchscreen computers (which regularly displayed application crash error messages, incidentally) to photograph and morph our faces just like the characters in the upcoming Disney movie. Here were three of my face morphs. Quite fun!

Morphing faces at the Christmas Carol Train

Morphing faces at the Christmas Carol Train

Morphing faces at the Christmas Carol Train

I did, of course, ask for permission to take photos on the train. The only thing they asked was that I NOT use a flash, since many of the artifacts on the train are quite old and could be damaged by flashes. Since I was using my iPhone, that was not a problem! The only area we were NOT able to take photos or videos was in the actual preview of the film itself, which was in an inflatable building outside the train station at the end of the tour.

Inflatable building outside the Amtrak station

Here’s a short (47 second) video demonstrating how the “face morph” feature worked. This has a similar feel to the free “Photo Booth” application included with all Apple computers.

This longer, 4.5 minute video (posted to YouTube) shows more of the train tour including the part we found most intriguing about the use of “motion cameras” and techniques. That segment is at the end of this video.

Motion Capture cameras

Check out our Flickr photo set of images from the “Christmas Carol train” for more images of the tour.

If you live in Oklahoma, you still have a chance on Sunday, August 23rd to check out the “Christmas Carol” film train tour before it departs for another U.S. city.

This clearly expensive demo tour by Disney WAS really effective for Alexander and I. Not only did it get us looking forward to the sights, sounds, and smells of Christmas, it also made us look forward to seeing this movie in November!

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