Both Ustream and Qik now have official applications available in the iTunes Store for the iPhone GS, but neither permit live webcasting/streaming– the versions which do still require a jailbreak. Both of the official iTunes Store apps also require an iPhone 3G S, while the jailbreak versions function on any iPhone.

The official iPhone Ustream video application (not to be confused with the Ustream Viewing Application, which runs on ANY iPhone) permits videos to be recorded and then uploaded later to the web directly from the iPhone.

Ustream 3G S Recorder

Ustream iPhone app

The iPhone GS has native capability to record video and upload to YouTube, but the UStream application allows users to not only upload the same video to YouTube but also to Ustream as well as Facebook. Also, if desired, the app can tweet a link to your uploaded video.

Upload to YouTube and Facebook also with Ustream

I used Pixelpipe (a free app) this past summer to upload photos as well as videos to multiple “website targets” including Flickr and Facebook. I’d suspect (but have not checked yet) that Pixelpipe will also add Ustream as an available target, so in its current iteration this Ustream app may not offer any new or superior functionality relative to Pixelpipe.

According to Tyler Tschida’s Saturday post, “Qik Updated, Loses Wi-Fi Only Restriction:”

Qik for the iPhone 3GS allows you to record and share video with your friends via a variety of services, but upon its initial release, the official App Store version of the app lacked the ability to stream live video and upload videos over 3G, something its jailbreak counterpart is able to do. That’s not true anymore, at least not completely since Qik received a small update yesterday evening that removes the Wi-Fi video uploading restriction, which means you can now upload videos over 3G.

I experimented a bit with Qik in Portland this past February with Steve Dembo at the ITSC conference, and was really pleased with the results.

It’s nice to see video upload capabilities offered by these applications, but live webstreaming / webcasting is what most interests me for Ustream and Qik iPhone applications. I do not want to jailbreak my iPhone GS and haven’t jailbroken it. Hopefully live streaming over both WiFi and 3G will become a legal reality / possibility soon on the iPhone GS.

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