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iPod Touch Camera and Mic Coming Sept 9?

The Apple rumors continue to fly.

rumored Apple tablet

Brian Chen’s post “What to Expect From Apple’s September iPod Event” for Wired predicts we’ll see a new iPod Touch with a camera and microphone announced on September 9th, along with iPod Nanos with cameras– but no Apple Tablet until 2010. He writes:

There’s a pile of evidence suggesting Apple will release new iPod Touch and iPod Nanos with cameras. in July received an inside tip from a well-connected source claiming Apple would soon add a camera and a microphone to the iPod Touch, which would bring it closer in line with the iPhone. Additionally, several other publications reported similar rumors about the Touch and the Nano getting cameras. And the latest iPod-related rumor comes from Taiwanese publication DigiTimes, which claims that not only will the Nano and Touch receive cameras, the iPod Classic will, too. We’re confident the Nano and Touch will be upgraded with cameras (and, of course, increased storage). Cult of Mac’s Leander Kahney had us convinced when he published a gallery of third-party Touch and Nano cases, which feature holes presumably meant for cameras.

The prediction (from the Boy Genius report) that “iTunes 9 would feature Facebook integration to share playlists with friends using the social-networking site” is also tantalizing. (The just-released Facebook 3.0 app for iPhone and iTouch is great, btw.)

Most surprising, however, is Brian’s prediction of a DELAY in the announcement of the long-expected Apple tablet device:

Though the release of an Apple touchscreen tablet now seems inevitable, it’s unlikely this will be announced in September. Some publications cite anonymous sources saying an Apple tablet will be announced this fall, while others claim it will launch early 2010. We’re betting early 2010 is more realistic.

I personally hope Brian is wrong and Apple DOES announce a tablet in September, but I don’t have any inside information on this. It’s going to be exciting to watch for news annoucements from Cupertino next month, however.

I do know, thanks to Dean Mantz, that owners of Nano 4G iPods or iPod Touch 2G devices can inexpensively add a microphone TODAY by purchasing a ThumbTack microphone from SwitchEasy for $13.

In my view, it is CRITICAL the new “jumbo iTouch” or Apple tablet device has significantly enhanced features for content creation with media than the current iTouch. I’m betting we won’t be disappointed.

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3 responses to “iPod Touch Camera and Mic Coming Sept 9?”

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  3. Stephen Morphey Avatar
    Stephen Morphey

    I don’t think that they will add anything new to it! In the past iPod Touch has always resemble iPhone – phone functionality… so I don’t see why this time would be any different! Adding camera to iPod was pretty good idea, but the microphone is definitely the biggest news! AT&T will really hate this one! So many anytime minutes and text massages will go through the Skype instead of AT&T network! I have never really like Apple (about million reasons for it) but this was good move on their part and we should give them credit for it.