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Translate your WordPress blog into 40+ Languages

As humans living on the third rock from our sun, we’re still divided by language differences. I’ve dabbled with online language translators like Babelfish (formerly by AltaVista, now by Yahoo) in the past, but I’m amazed how far this functionality has come in recent months. Richard Byrne reported on Thursday that Google Docs now offers integrated language translations into 42 different languages. I found the free WordPress plug-in “Global Translator” today, and installed/configured it on our family learning blog, “Learning Signs.” Now when you click on one of 41 different flags in the right sidebar, you can convert our blog text into the primary languages of those different nations. Is this amazing or what?!

Click to translate our blog into 41 languages!

I’ll see how the plug-in works on that blog and if everything seems stable, I’ll likely add it here as well as on the K-12 Online Conference blog. This looks like a great way to “bridge the divide” with language translations on the blog! It even works with comments. I suppose the important question is, however, how GOOD are the language translations?! It will be interesting to hear feedback on this if we DO use this plugin for k12online09.

If a page has not been translated previously, there is a slight delay as the selected translation engine does its work. The plug-in settings let owners specify how frequently new translations can be requested. I am in awe of this functionality!

Translated by Google into Spanish

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3 responses to “Translate your WordPress blog into 40+ Languages”

  1. Bryan McDonald Avatar

    There is also some code you can get from Google…for Google Translate!

  2. Richard Byrne Avatar

    As I explore and learn more about WordPress I’m continuously impressed by the variety of useful plug-ins that are available. This is one that I’ll have to add to my list for the day when I move to WordPress.
    Thanks for the mention,

  3. Learning effectively Avatar

    Sounds great but sometimes the translations are off. The idea is long-term and with adequate improvements, it will be quite useful. It might as well become a standard for web 2.0 or maybe web 3.0.