Late this afternoon I was a virtual guest speaker in Larry Moore’s class at Columbus State University in Georgia, and responded to questions regarding copyright and intellectual property in the classroom. In advance, students were asked to view my presentation “Copyright for Educators” shared at the ITSC conference in Portland, Oregon, in February 2009, and shared via SlideShare. In addition, students were asked to submit and vote on questions they have about copyright AFTER viewing the presentation, using a Google Moderator series I created on “Copyright and Fair Use in Education.” We used Wimba for our virtual class meeting.

Copyright and Fair Use in Education - Google Moderator

Prior to the class session today, 10 people had submitted 13 different questions and voted on them 53 times with Google Moderator. During the Wimba session, I addressed the first five questions which had the most “votes” on Google Moderator, and also responded to questions students asked via the Wimba chat feature or using the classroom microphone. Prior to today, I’ve done most of my synchronous meetings with either Skype, Elluminate, or DimDim. I probably should have shared some slides in our Wimba session, and would have benefited from going through the provided presenter tutorials about using the environment in advance, but overall things went well and I was able to share both audio and video during our interactive session as well as use/monitor the classroom chat channel.

Next week I’ll be journeying to China for the 21st Century Learning @ Hong Kong conference. Enroute on the 11+ hour flights, I’m going to record a podcast summarizing my responses and suggested resources to the copyright questions Columbus State students and others have submitted to date to our Google Moderator question series. If you have not tried out Google Moderator, or if you’d be willing to submit your two cents in voting and/or submitting questions relating to copyright which educators should understand, please sign in to Google Moderator with your Google ID and vote / submit questions. I’ll look at this again over the weekend prior to my Hong Kong flights Monday and grab the questions then to respond with audio. I’ll then post that as a podcast here on my blog.

I think Google Moderator is a GREAT tool to use with students in contexts like this, when you want to solicit questions and “crowdsource” the results. It’s also free to use, which is always a bonus! 🙂

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2 Responses to Great experiences today with Google Moderator and Wimba discussing Copyright

  1. Ryan Collins says:

    Is there a way to use Google Moderator from a mobile browser or SMS?

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    The site doesn’t appear to provide a mobile interface currently. That is a GREAT idea. You should submit that to the Google Labs folks.

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