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Interviews and subway videos from Hong Kong International Schools (Part 1)

Here’s a collection of four, short video interviews from this past Wednesday with different school administrators in Hong Kong and from our journey on the MTR (Hong Kong’s subway system) between schools.

In this 40 second clip, Deputy Head of College Peter Lasscock explains “rapid prototyping” and how the technology design lab at Discovery College utilizes it with students. This is the same technology Weta Workshop in New Zealand used to design weapons for the film trilogy “The Lord of the Rings.”

In this 40 second clip, Paul White of the English Schools Foundation in Hong Kong uses a map of the MTR (Hong Kong subway system) to explain our journey across the city from Discovery College (in Discovery Bay) to Renaissance College. This involved a LOT of subway bus changes!

This 53 second clip shows us boarding one of the subways on our journey Wednesday.

In this 1.5 minute clip, Deputy Head of Renaissance College, Dylan Hughes, explains the instructional philosophy of the school’s innovative “Red Door” program, or Creative Media Room. The project utilizes creative/digital arts experts from industry working directly with teachers and nominated groups of students to develop capacity to effectively utilize digital tools in project-based learning. The project’s Ning website is invitation-only. The core services of The Red Door involve:

Work with teachers during the planning of units. Consider and select appropriate digital tools and resources. Plan and organize relevant resources, time frames, and skill workshops. Make and/or locate suitable resources for teachers and students.


Work with small groups of students to develop core skills and knowledge about digital tools. Develop efficient and effective knowledge transfer practices using a train the trainer model.


Provide ready made workshops for students, teaching staff, support staff and parents. Conduct software research and reviews for new software and hardware items. Share these findings with relevant curriculum leaders and coordinators. Promote sharing of online resources.

The Red Door program at Renaissance College in Hong Kong

The Red Door program at Renaissance College in Hong Kong

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