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Tools to simplify meeting scheduling

Doodle remains one of my all-time favorite web 2.0 tools, as a browser-based, platform independent scheduling tool to identify open meeting dates and times for any group. I recently learned about ScheduleOnce, which also offers a free, online scheduling tool. ScheduleOnce’s conference planner also looks good for setting up phone calls or videoconferences with people in different time zones, although this is also functionality Doodle can provide when you enable time zone support. We’re edging closer to the end of daylight savings time, so their graphical DST tool might come in handy.

This 2.5 minute video provides an overview of ScheduleOnce’s Google Calendar add-on.

This Google Calendar add-on looks to have more timeslot options and flexibility than Doodle.

Do you use or know of other free, web-based tools like these which can be used to facilitate meeting scheduling?

Hat tip to A. Kipta for the link to ScheduleOnce.

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2 responses to “Tools to simplify meeting scheduling”

  1. Kurt Paccio Avatar

    Here’s another that we’ve used for cub scouts and various other groups:

    When is good –


  2. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    Presdo is another option, H/T to A. Kipta.