This podcast is a recording of the ACTEM 2009 conference breakout session, “WordPress Saves Lives – Learn How,” by Wesley Fryer on October 16, 2009. ACTEM is the Association of Computer Technology Educators in Maine, and their 2009 conference was held in Augusta. The official conference description for this session was: WordPress is a free, open-source content management system (CMS) and blogging platform which powers many dynamic, engaging websites today. Whether you are a classroom teacher, a librarian, a school administrator, an instructional technology specialist or an IT technician, you should know about WordPress and the powerful as well as moderated / safe ways it can be used to publish interactive content online. In this session we’ll explore the basics of WordPress as well as the extensible features it offers with custom themes and plug-ins. Help end the online suffering which continues thanks to websites created with Microsoft Frontpage in the late 1990s! Learn about WordPress, use it, and share its power with others! [END OF DESCRIPTION] Check out the podcast shownotes for referenced links and resources from this session.

Show Notes:

  1. Complete list of referenced links from this presentation
  2. Opening video: The Machine is Us/ing Us (Final Version) by Dr. Michael Wesch (YouTube)
  3. Content Management SystemUpdated List (see PHP)
  4. Weblog
  5. Extensibility
  6. CSS
  7. (for self-hosted installations)
  8. (free, commercial hosting with some limitations)
  9. (education-specific WordPress hosting, free and commercial options available, with some limitations)
  10. WordPress MU (multi-user WordPress installations)
  11. WordPress plugins
  12. WordPress themes
  13. My WordPress colophon (colophon defined in WikiPedia)
  14. Wesley’s WordPress social bookmarks
  15. Contact Wesley
  16. Follow Wesley on Twitter

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