These are my notes from Carl Owens’s presentation “Collaborations between the Teacher Education Technology Programs and Rural K-12 Schools” at the 21st Century Learning @ the West Lake Expo held Oct 31 – Nov 3, 2009 at Xi Hu, China, also known as West Lake. West Lake is in the center of Hangzhou, China, which is about an hour by bus southwest of Shanghai. MY THOUGHTS AND COMMENTS ARE IN ALL CAPS.

Carl Owens on Linked-In
Dr. Carl Owens is an Apple Distinguished Educator and the Director of Technology at Tennessee Technological University
video interview with Carl from MacWorld 2007

We believe partnerships with the College of Education and outside organization strengthen the teacher preparation process

The College of Education was funded with a $1 million endowment to improve teacher education in 1999, that is soon to be $2 million
– first goal was to improve college teaching facilities and

– Apple Computer
– SMART technologies
– Promethian
– m-Audio
– Inspiration Software Inc.

College has provided a variety of equipment to partner schoools in the area: laptops, digital video cameras, digital still cameras, keyboard controllers for music, data/video projectors, iPod Touches, all other supporting technologies needed

What we wanted to do was give every teacher or student the tools they needed, without of thought of how much it cost

Tools used for training:
– iTunes
– Garageband/Session for PC
– iPhoto/Picassa for PC
– iMovie/MovieMaker for PC
– iDVD
– Inspiration / Kidspiration
– Web based applications (Google apps)
– and many other tools too numerous to list

– improved attitudes toward adoption of new technologies

Now showing photos where students can check out these tools for use
– this is a very different model from most colleges of education
– students can check out anything for an hour, a day, a week, a month, or the entire time they are with us as students

Our media center where these items are checked out is always busy!
– this is a room that was given to our college by Promethian, at a cost of approx $100,000, for fre

These are teachers being trained
– photo of teacher taking a picture of someone else, doing digital storytelling

we believe the teachers must learn to do these things first, before they can show the students how to do it
– picture of teachers recording a story with Audacity

In the last four years, we have trained 4000 teachers in the summer

Picture of teachers recording a script of a story
– this is the same process that we encourage teachers to follow with students in the classroom

Picture of teachers using a SMARTtable
– student response systems from SMART

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