These are my notes from the closing panel, “Professional Association and Publication Potentials for ICT and 21st Century Learning in the Asia / Pacific Region,” at the 21st Century Learning @ the West Lake Expo held Oct 31 – Nov 3, 2009 at Xi Hu, China, also known as West Lake. West Lake is in the center of Hangzhou, China, which is about an hour by bus southwest of Shanghai. MY THOUGHTS AND COMMENTS ARE IN ALL CAPS. This session is being facilitated by Gerald Knezek and Michael Searson, and there are five additional panelists participating.

AACE / Global Learn
Association for Advancement in Computers in Education will assist in publication of materials related to this conference and these initiatives related to 21st century skills
Global Learn Asia Pacific 2010
– in Penang, Malaysia – May 2010

EDUsummIT09: International Summit on the Future of ICT in Education: A Call to Action The Hague, Netherlands June 10-12, 2009 (PDF)

In July 2010, will hold the 2010 Sydney Symposium: The Future of Teacher Education and School Leader Education”
– “Creating the Vision”
– hosted by Macquarie University
– we need to focus on re-creating the vision for teacher education
– we will visioning / imagining what the future will be like for teacher educators and teacher leaders

For information contact Ian Gibson: ian [dot] gibson [at]

Australian Council of Educational Leaders
– Jenny Lewis, CEO
– Memberships, Benefits
— Leadership Capability Framework
Hosting and Harvesting Conference: Sept 2010 (PDF)
– this is the largest leadership conference in Australia

Upcoming 2011 conference in Beijing, China, at Tsinghua University
– in China more than 268 universities have departments of educational technology
– these Presidents and Deans from these universities will actively participate in this conference
– this is the meeting date for the association of these leaders

Comment from Dr Gerald Knezek: I noticed from one of the earlier presentations, that China has more FRESHMEN students in all than my home state of Texas has in TOTAL students

National Technology Leadership Summit (NTLS)
– in Honolulu, Hawaii USA, 7-8 Jan 2010
– three strands: globalization, performance assessment, engineering education
– each person who comes will be expected to also bring ideas to the table!

ISTE opportunities in the Asia/Pacific Region
– now offering a special membership opportunity specific for educators in the Asia / Pacific region (online, non-US membership: $49 US annually)
– in 2010 will open Institutional Memberships
– Leading and Learning with Technology: ISTE’s flagship magazine, practical, usable ideas for improving learning with technology integration
– live and archived webinars
– a variety of special interest groups (our largest is for Teacher Educators)

2 conferences in the Asia-Pacific Region in the Spring:
– March 2-6 in Singapore:

ACEC 2010 April 6-9 in Melbourne: Digital Diversity Conference

our last conference drew 22 country representatives

Join us on ISTE Island in Second Life
– resources keep coming: many traditional publications

If you wonder if you belong, view this diagram of the curricular focus of our members

Consider as an institution becoming a partner, and helping us bring down the language barrier
– seeking partners to translate web content
– to translate and co-publish books
– to act as moderators for our virtual networks

In SL, we have over 75 docents who help educators work in that arena

SITE: Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education
– 900 faculty from 200 universities
– 2009 meeting included 55 nations
– teachers of technology-using teachers
– Gerald Knezek, President 2008-2011

SITE seeks to promote research, scholarship, collaboration, and exchange for IT & Teacher Education
– and foster the development of new structures and organizations where a need emerges (that is a big reason why we are here today)

We are known as “The Friendly Society”
– 7 presidents over 21 years as a society

Have 3 councils, which include 28 special interest groups (SIGs)

We are one of four organizations under AACE
– E-Lear
– Global Learn

AACE digital library includes 23,755 papers by 52,618 authors
– 10 journals, many books
– conference proceedings

Final thought: The turtle only makes progress when he sticks his neck out
– James Bryant, Conant diplomat nad educator, 1893 – 1978)

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