This is an excellent thirteen minute video of ideas from Alan November about transforming our schools into the learning spaces we need in the 21st century.

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Among many things, Alan says:

We need to redefine learners as contributors. This requires a fundamental shift in our thinking about schools. The toughest part is not teaching teachers to use technology… What I can’t do in an afternoon is help people become comfortable with shifting control… Global communicator, global researcher, tool builder, and internal collaborator (with Google Docs)… are the types of skills… essential in the workplace. We move from “teacher as boss”… to a model as “worker as collaborator… self-directed… knows how to do research… empowered…”

Alan cites Bob Sprankle and The Room 208 podcast in this video. He also cites Darren Kuropatwa and the model of scribe posts.

H/T to Brenda Dyck and Maryann Richardson for pointing me to the post, “Essential Education: “Myths and Opportunities: Technology in the Classroom” by Alan November,” where I found this video.

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